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2018年6月14日 (木)

Construction strategy of household floor heating installation

The house is the place that gives a person all year round lives, when decorating, need to consider the characteristic of different season accordingly. If you want to cool down in summer, keep warm in winter. Now that the hot summer has passed, the temperature is gradually decreasing. The owner that decorates people can not ignore winter heating this one problem, need ahead of schedule. As new heating methods and products continue to emerge, the north eats popsicle in winter, and the south basically shakes in winter has gone. Among them, the earth heating is a very suitable way for the south, which can realize the whole household heating with the family as the unit.

Construction strategy of household floor heating installation

Water and earth warming vs. electric earth warming

In the past winter, the north often used radiator heating, while the south through oven heating. With the progress of technology, the heating method of earth heating has been welcomed by people. What is global warming? What are the ways? Here's a look at the basics of global warming. Ground heating is to take the whole ground as the radiator, through the heat medium in the radiation layer of the ground, heat the whole ground uniformly, use the rule of the ground's own heat storage and heat radiation upward conduction from the bottom to the top, to achieve the purpose of heating.



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Classification of floor heating

1. Water and earth warming

Is the temperature is not higher than 60 ℃ hot water buried in the ground of the packed bed below circulating heating tube, heating the whole floor, through the ground to radiation and convection heat transfer mode to the indoor heating in a heating mode.

2. Electric ground heating

Is the outside surface allowed working temperature up to 65 ℃ heating cable buried in the floor, heat source for heating cable floor heating, temperature to the thermostat control room temperature or floor, realize the ground radiation heating heating method.


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Characteristics of floor heating

1. Heating range

Water heating: water heating pipeline must be continuous, so it is suitable for large area continuous area.

Electric ground warm: use electric ground warm, want this building to be able to use air conditioning normally only, then electric circuit can bear electric warmth power, want to consider carefully otherwise, lest load is too big. Compared with water heating, electric heating installation is flexible and can be installed in different areas.

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