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2018年3月16日 (金)

Accompanying anxiety disorder

  It was a weekend in December 24, 2017, and the three grade student, Xiao Yu, who had wanted to go out for Christmas in Shenyang, had to write his homework.


companies have made huge investments in wellness sector with innovative machineries.


  Near the end of the exam, the school had two times the usual homework: 12 papers and English word memory, the 7 number of English language subjects the final sprint upgrade roll, 5 roll polyphonic words words.

  In an interview with many banyuetan reporter learned that the primary and middle school students' homework as many parents complain of pain points.

  Parents in grade two of a primary school in Shenzhen reflect that Chinese recites every day. Teachers also request to write fairy tales, about 600 words. Every Monday, children will not have many words, so they have to look up dictionaries one by one, and such jobs will take 2 hours at least.Clinicians should keep an eye on this patient population.

  English language, every day to recite English essays, once a foreigner to introduce his family, the number of people long and always always card.

  The child went back to 11 from 8 at night, and finally, with the cry, said:

  "Mom, I don't think I'll ever get back."

  The "A Fan question" of AI education platform for primary and secondary schools has released the report on Internet education big data recently.

  According to the survey data of nearly 100 million registered users on the line and nearly a hundred real store users under the line, Chinese students write homework for 2.82 hours a day, or are the first in the world.

  Because of the pressure of the middle school entrance examination, the amount of homework of junior high school students is even more amazing.

  Last year, the daughter of the daughter of Shanghai, a famous junior high school in Huangpu District, Wang Jue, said that her daughter's primary school and extracurricular tutoring classes were relatively small.

  "Now I'm going to do homework with her every night. After writing 11 points every day, I think it's too late for her to go to bed, but at second o'clock in the morning, at five or six o'clock, she has to ask her to work hard.

  Good students do their homework quickly and well, but the students with poor results have a lot of correction and punishment. "

  Parents do not live, "tired into dogs" every day

  At present, children's homework is more and more closely related to their parents. Many children's homework needs parents to cooperate with each other, or check and sign.


The poly university master offers a variety of undergraduate, taught master's degree and postgraduate research programmes through different faculties and schools, covering business management and finance.


  The work stress report shows that 91.2% of Chinese parents have experience with their children to write homework, and 78% of their parents accompany each day.

  As the grade of the children rose, the pressure on the accompanying writing did not decrease, and 7% of the parents of the high school students had more than 4 hours of homework each day.

  The parents of a student in grade three of a primary school in Hankou recently resigned home and were devoted to tutoring their daughters.

  "When children are small, they work at night with baby in the daytime. They all bite their teeth and stick to them.

  Unexpectedly, after her daughter on the primary school, homework piles, review, preview, text, dictation, dictation, reading, learn to sing songs, tabloids and electronic photo album......

« The three presidents relay the "efficient classroom" | トップページ | Construction strategy of household floor heating installation »






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